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Dermatology (aka Dermatovenereology) is the specialty that treats skin conditions, Human Body largest organ. The study and treatment of pathologies related to the hair, nails, mucous and STD’s is also part of this specialty.

Dermatology has gained an increased relevance in our-days society due tomodern-life related skin alterations, caused by sun exposure, stress, allergies and new demands on the cosmetics industry.

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde medical clinics you will find highly trained specialists on the diagnosis and treatment of different pathologies concerning Dermatovenereology.

A very important aspect of Dermatology is skin folds vigilance, essential for the prevention and early detection of skin cancer. Nowadays, for an accurate vigilance of pigmented lesions, we have Digital Dermatology equipment, a fundamental diagnosis method for tracking skin cancer.

Modern dermatology is also able to treat inflammatory pathologies such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and aesthetic problems such as skin aging, scars and capillary pathology.

Despite being a medical-surgical specialty, Dermatology treatments comprise a wide a range of small surgeries for skin folds and tumours removal and recur to multiple non-invasive techniques (CO2 Laser, Vascular Laser and Chemical Resurfacing, aka peeling).


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