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Medical Clinics


Cardiology (+)

Cardiology Appointment

Paediatric Echo Doppler

Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric Cardiology (+)

Paediatric Cardiology

General Surgery (+)

General Surgery Appointment

Consulta Cir. Oncol. Mama, Pele e T. Moles

Vascular Surgery (+)

Vascular Surgery Appointment

Dermatology (+)

Dermatology Appointment

Endocrinology (+)

Endocrinology Appointment

Psychiatry (+)

Physiatry Appointment

Gastroenterology (+)

Gastroenterology Appointment

Gynaecology (+)

Gynaecology Appointment

Consulta de Obstetrícia

Imunoalergology (+)

Allergology Appointment

Dentistry (+)

Dentistry Appointment

Orthodontics Appointment

General Clinic (+)

General Medicine Appointment

General and Family Medicine Appointment

Internal Medicine (+)

Internal Medicine Appointment

Nephrology (+)

Nephrology Appointment

Neurosurgery (+)

Neurosurgery Appointment

Consulta de Dor de Costas

Neurology (+)

Neurology Appointment

Nutrition (+)

Nutrition Appointment

Ophthalmology (+)

Ophthalmology Appointment

Rastreio Visual

Medição da pressão intra-ocular


Orthopedics (+)

Orthopaedics Appointment

Consulta da Coluna

Consulta do Ombro

Consulta do Cotovelo

Consulta do Punho e Mão

Consulta do Joelho

Consulta do Pé e Tornozelo

Consulta da Anca

Consulta de Ortopedia Pediátrica

Otorhinolaryngology (+)

Otorhinolaryngology Appointment




Complimentary Hearing Tests (Acuphenometry, Audiometry)

Vestibular Re-education – Rotary Chair

Vestibular Re-education - Optokinetic

Vestibular Re-education - Platform

Pure tone audiometry

Speech audiometry

Complete Hearing Study (Pure tone audiometry, Speech audiometry and Impedanciometry)

Impedance or Admittance

Full Impedanciometry Study

Tympanometric Study of the Auditory Tube functioning

Ipsilateral and Contralateral Reflexes Search

Non Acoustic Reflex Search

Bilateral Reflex Decay Search


Audiometria Tonal até 5 Anos de Idade

Audiometria Tonal até 8 Anos de Idade

Pesquisa De Reflexos Estapédicos

Reflexograma de Metz

Audiometria Vocal até 10 Anos de Idade


Exames de Vestibulogia

Pediatrics (+)

Paediatrics Appointment

Prenatal Paediatrics Appointment

Pneumology (+)

Pneumology Appointment

Sleep Appointment

Podiatry (+)

Consulta de Podologia

Psychology (+)

Psychology Appointment

Psychiatry (+)

Psychiatry Appointment

Speech and Language Therapy (+)

Speech and Language Therapy Appointment

Urology (+)

Urology Appointment


Uroflowmetry with Post-Void Residual Evaluation

Endoscopia Flexível

ECO Peniana

ECO Prostática com Biópsia


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