General and Family Medicine

doctor talking to two patients, an adult and a child

General and Family Medicine is one of the main specialities which cares for the person in the context of his/her family and at the same time promotes a holistic approach to the patient, integrating physical and psychological factors, in a close doctor-patient relationship.

General and Family Medicine doctors also promote general well-being, prevent diseases, and provide curative, follow-up or palliative care, either directly or by facilitating access to other health professionals. They play a fundamental role in primary health care, namely in advising therapies for the most common pathologies and in providing guidance and coordination with other medical specialties.

Joaquim Chaves Saúde Medical clinics feature General and Family Medicine specialists who provide regular follow-up to patients and their families.

Clinical Team

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  • Carlos Azevedo
    Carlos Azevedo
    Key areas of expertise
    Hospital Emergency, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics
    Healthcare Units
    Clínica Cirúrgica de Carcavelos
  • Maria Augusta Fernandes
    Maria Augusta Fernandes
    General and Family Medicine
    Key areas of expertise
    Hypertension, Nephrology, Travel Medicine
    Healthcare Units
    Clínica de Miraflores

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Medical Clinics

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  • Schedule
    • Weekdays: 07h00 to 21h00
    • Saturdays: 08h00 to 13h00
    • Sundays and Holidays: Closed
  • Contacts
    214 124 300*
  • Address
    R. Dr. João Gomes Patacão 15A,

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