João Carlos Ramos

  • Speciality/Service

    General and Family Medicine

  • Key areas of expertise

    Preventive Medicine, Acute Health, Children, Geriatrics, Travel Medicine, Integrative Medicine in the Humanization of Care, Primary Health Care

  • Languages

    Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

  • Professional Certificate


  • Services

    • Consulta Avaliação Carta de Condução

    • Consulta Avaliação Carta de Marinheiro

    • Consulta Clínica Geral

    • Consulta Medicina Geral e Familiar

  • Health Units

  • Agreements and Protocols

    • Multicare Seguros de Saúde

    • Advancecare - Cimpor

    • Advancecare - Companhia Seguros Açoreana

  • Activity at Joaquim Chaves Saúde

  • Academic Education

  • Professional Career

General Practitioner at Carcavelos Surgical Clinic since 2018.

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