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Appointments and Specialities

The initial General Clinic designation was replaced by a more comprehensive one, in accordance with the competences and naming of the Specialty College: General and Family Medicine (GFM).

GFM physicians take care of individuals in the context of their family, community, culture and promote a holistic approach to their patients, considering physical, psychological, social and cultural factors, based on a close doctor-patient relation.

GFM specialists at Joaquim Chaves Saúde medical units are there for their patients. They are competent on the regular accompaniment of their patients and their family. They also interact with the appropriate specialties for each individual case.

In their clinical activity, GFM professionals include the promotion of health, prevention of sickness, curative, follow-up and palliative cares, directly or by providing access to other health professionals.

GFM physicians play a central role in primary health care, namely, in advising screening programs for the most frequent pathologies in the community and in guiding and coordinating with other medical and surgical specialties.


Permanent Service Appointment

General Medicine Appointment

General and Family Medicine Appointment

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Jorge Soares Dias

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Maria João Martins

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Maria Melo

Mário Silva

Menezes Melo

Mónica Fonseca

Mónica Santos Pereira

Octávio Viveiros

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Sara Figueira

Sílvia Alão

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Vanda Quaresma

Viriato Horta

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