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Health Matters

Prevention is the best way

Dr. Pedro Macedo (Radiologist) . 31/10/2017

Due to its high incidence in females, breast cancer justifies that all necessary and possible measures be taken to diminish the mortality and morbidity rate associated with this disease.

Because the cause is unknown, but certainly multifactorial, prevention cannot be primary, eliminating its cause, but must be secondary, improving its detection in early stages when treatment can be curative.

There are some accepted breast cancer risk factors, many of which are not possible to control, such as age (the principal risk factor), exposure to estrogens produced by the woman, dense breasts, a personal or family history of cancer, prolonged hormone replacement therapy for menopause, thoracic radiotherapy, obesity, alcohol consumption.

For this reason, it is crucial that women from the age of 40, conduct regular screenings, with mammography and ultrasound, which often enable detection early enough that treatments can cure the patient, with less aggressive and mutilating medical and surgical treatments.

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