TrueBeam: The Future of Radiation Therapy Has Arrived

TrueBeam is a new treatment option and a source of optimism in the fight against cancer. Discover what it is exactly.

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Greater precision and fewer side effects – that's what TrueBeam offers as a cutting-edge ally in the battle against cancer. Discover what it is.

TrueBeam is a new treatment option and a source of optimism in the fight against cancer. It is a high-precision linear accelerator that can be found at Joaquim Chaves Saúde, elevating radiation therapy to an unprecedented level of effectiveness. Learn what this equipment can do for cancer patients.

What is TrueBeam?

TrueBeam is a high-precision linear accelerator used for radiation therapy treatments. It is a state-of-the-art device that enables the treatment of cancer patients with a lower degree of toxicity and higher efficacy, utilizing the most advanced technology in imaging and treatment beam precision.

TrueBeam stands out primarily for two major innovations. Firstly, the imaging system is entirely digital, providing high-resolution positioning representations in both planar and three-dimensional modes. As a result, the doctor can visualize the tumor being treated in real-time, allowing for precise adjustments to the initial treatment plan during each session, whenever necessary. Moreover, the X-ray doses involved in obtaining images are significantly reduced, enhancing patient safety.

Secondly, the TrueBeam equipment delivers treatment beams with higher energies, resulting in faster treatments. The beam also offers an unprecedented level of precision, meaning more intensive doses in affected tissues with nanometric accuracy and lower doses in healthy tissues.

What are the advantages of TrueBeam for cancer patients?

TrueBeam can be used for a wide variety of tumors and in various locations in the human body, including challenging ones such as multiple brain metastases, lung cancer, breast cancer, or prostate cancer.

The operation is simple. The patient lies on a robotic treatment table, and the equipment rotates continuously around them, synchronizing dosage and imaging. It is painless, with some patients even falling asleep during treatment.

Specifically regarding lung cancer, TrueBeam allows monitoring the patient's respiratory cycle and synchronizing the treatment according to the movements caused by breathing. This way, the patient can breathe comfortably during the session without the risk of inadvertently redirecting the radiation target.

Additionally, TrueBeam represents a significant advancement in the effectiveness and safety of radiation therapy. On the one hand, the ability to increase radiation dosage reduces the number of treatment sessions required. On the other hand, the highly precise dosage control allows for more intensive incidence on affected organs and less intensive incidence on unaffected organs, thus preserving healthy tissues.

In summary, TrueBeam significantly reduces the total treatment time for various types of cancer. The technology ensures patient comfort, treatment efficacy, and precision by enabling high and precise radiation dosages while sparing healthy tissues, thereby reducing side effects.

Joaquim Chaves Saúde at the forefront of cancer treatment

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde, the health and well-being of patients are a top priority, and no effort is spared to provide the best cancer treatment. That's why you can find TrueBeam, the most advanced worldwide radiation therapy equipment, at our facilities.

This equipment complements the existing therapeutic solutions in Oncology, ensuring that patients have the most suitable treatment option for their specific condition. Thus, we take another step forward in the ability to treat cancer according to the highest technical and scientific standards of quality.

If you suspect any signs or symptoms that may indicate a possible cancer condition, do not delay and seek medical help. Early diagnosis is a significant ally in cancer treatment. With Joaquim Chaves Saúde, you will have the most advanced technology and the best care by your side to fight one of life's most decisive battles: the battle against cancer. Book your appointment now.


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