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Orthopedics is the specialty that diagnosis and treats pathologies of bone, muscle, ligaments and joints (elements of the musculoskeletal system), concerning all age groups.

Most common Orthopedics pathologies:

  • Traumatic pathology

  • Degenerative disease

  • Inflammatory pathology

  • Oncologic pathology

  • Congenital disease

  • Infectious disease

  • Sport-related pathology

Frequently, orthopaedists recur to complimentary diagnosis exams. The most usual are: X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, amongst others. These same exams may be used for diagnosis and evaluation of children in Paediatric Orthopedics.

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde units we have a wide and complete set of exams and the Orthopedics team works together with other specialties, whenever needed (Sports Medicine, for instance).

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In adults, most frequent pathologies involve hip and knee joints, especially lesions of degenerative origin (osteoarthritis) or resulting from the practice of sports (bursitis, tendinitis, meniscus and ligaments injuries).

Osteoarthritis is the main Orthopedics disease in adults. In an initial stage, it is treated conservatively (change of habits, physiotherapy, drugs). In severe and advanced cases, surgery is necessary: for instance, the affected joint may be replaced by an articulated prosthesis.

Lesions due to physical activity are also very common in teenagers and adults. These conditions should always be evaluated by a professional in order to assure an efficient and fast recovery, without sequelae.

Joint pathologies (including hip, knee and shoulder) are becoming more frequent, especially due to an increased longevity of general population and the promotion of active lifestyles, associated with the practice of sports (often the cause of lesions).

Visit the Sports Medicine unit of Joaquim Chaves Saúde and recover from any lesions, resuming full capacity and an active life.



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