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Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves  was the first company of the group, established in 1959.

Its history of more than 50 years reinforces a structured development, considering both technological plan and quality of provided services.

Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves is a reference for quality in lab diagnosis, backed up by the large experience of its professionals and the excellence of its facilities and equipment.

We offer a wide range of analytical parameters executed in our various departments, with no need for external subcontracting. Accuracy and quality of our results are granted by a demanding internal program for Quality Control. Our regular participation in external programs for Quality Control also contributes to strengthen all analytical process.

Our Lab as a culture of focusing on clients, aiming to meet their singular expectations and to assure that our Service is provided in accordance with strict Quality standards.

Dr. Joaquim Chaves, laboratório de Análises Clínicas do Algarve grants local population access to our sample collection sites network, establishing a proximity service. All our experience and service excellence are available in another part of the country. Most routine analysis are locally performed and for the rest we assure our Central Lab’s celerity and Quality standards.


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Rua José Pedro de Almeida, 8 A e 10 B - Faro
8000-505 Faro


Working days: 8:00h/ 18:00h
Saturday: 8:00h /12:00h
Sunday and Holidays: Closed

Sample Collection Hours:
Working days: 8:00h/8:00h
Saturday: 8:00h/12:00h
Sunday and Holidays: Closed


Tel: 289891990
E-mail Address: