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The activity carried out until now by Laboratório de Análises Clínicas João Cura Soares, is now undertaken by Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves.

Based in the city of Águeda, the new Joaquim Chaves Saúde Laboratory will continue to provide a convenient service to the local population, through its Collection Stations in Águeda, Aveiro, Barra, Cacia, Fermentelos, Gafanha da Encarnação, Gafanha da Boa Hora, Luso, Mourisca do Vouga, Travassô, Vagos and Valongo do Vouga.

Therefore, we aim to keep producing a local analytical profile and centralise the remaining tests, improving the Laboratory’s delivery capacity and, consequently, the quality of its tests. The quality of the premises, as well as the conditions in which services are provided to our users, are two issues that we also intend to improve substantially. By preserving local production, we want to maintain the current human resources at the Laboratory and create new jobs in the short term.

Delivering efficient and quality results has been the mission of Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves since 1959, virtually all over the country, and this is now a reality in the Aveiro district.


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Avenida José Estêvão, 355 a 359
3830-554 Gafanha da Nazaré


Business hours:
Working days 07h30 to 18h00
Saturday: 08h00 to 12h30
Sunday and Holidays: Closed

Sample Collection Hours:
Working days 07h30 to 12h00
Saturday 08h00 às 12h00
Sunday and Holidays: Closed


Tel: 234 367 028
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