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Health Matters

Sun Exposure

Raquel Santos (Dermatologist) . 22/08/2016

Knowing how to enjoy and live with the sun, especially during bathing season, is a concern that should be always and more present in the daily life of all Portuguese.

Inherent risks to excessive sun exposure are quite harmful to human health.

Given this, Doctor Raquel Santos, dermatology specialist at Miraflores Clinic, gives us some advice on this matter:

  • Sun exposure should be slow and gradual.

  • Avoid exposure during risk hours (between noon and 4pm and ideally between 11am and 5pm).

  • Protect yourself on the beach, swimming pool, mountain, when practicing outdoor sports, hiking, gardening. The sun is always the “same”, do not forget this.

  • Pay special attention to the reflex of sun rays in the snow, on the beach, on the water and on the grass. Staying on the shadow of a beach umbrella or awning isn´t enough to avoid sunburns.

  • Apply sunscreen before leaving home, preferably choosing a 30 or above protection factor.

  • Wear a hat (ideally a wide-brimmed one), sunglasses and a shirt (protecting neckline and arms and of a non-porous fabric).

  • Sun exposure is not recommended for babies under 6 months and until de age of 3 direct exposure should be avoided.

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