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Clinical Pilates for Pregnancy


The practice of Pilates during pregnancy lets you enjoy the benefits of exercise without any risks. Regular practice of exercise while pregnant gives you greater confidence and willingness for labourand makes it much easier to recover after it.

Clinical Pilates may also help reduce risk factors that sometimes occur during pregnancy, such as hypertension and diabetes.

During sessions, Pilates exercises and original positions are adapted to pregnancy. The intensity of practice should be moderate to mild, without any impact. These exercises are controlled and with very few repetitions. Movements are dictated by breathing and so each soon-to-be mom can go at her own rhythm and respect her own limits.

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This practice will help maintain fitness, strength and endurance, smoothening physical changes related to pregnancy, in a more controlled and comfortable way. Whichever is the trimester of your pregnancy, our classes are always focused on posture. Our soon-to-be moms take a correct and conscious posture to their daily lives.

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Scientific evidence shows that the practice of exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended for all healthy pregnant women with medical clearance and no special condition. At Joaquim Chaves Saúde, the prescription of exercise during pregnancy is a challenge our physiotherapists accept, considering safety of mom and baby always a top priority!

In some cases, there may be contraindications for the practice of exercise and that is why it is important to have an appointment for medical clearance, before joining a clinical Pilates class. Our classes comply with the obstetrician’s guidelines, which should be confirmed by a signed authorization for practice.

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Useful Info

  • All interested pregnant women will be subject to an initial evaluation which will determine goals to achieve during sessions. In this appointment we will screen pros and cons of practicing exercise. This evaluation is free of charge.

  • These classes join together a small group of moms-to-be, in the maximum of 4. The idea is to assure full attention of the physiotherapist and that each training is customized.

  • It is up to the obstetrician to decide when you can start practicing. It is mandatory to have a written consent, signed by an obstetrician and stating that the clinical situation of mom and baby allows the practice of exercise.

  • Classes will take place 2 to 3 times a week. Monthly fee is 75eur and 120eur, accordingly.

  • Classes have a duration of 45 minutes.

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