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Multiple Sclerosis: Living with the disease

Maria do Socorro Piñeiro (Neurologist) . 04/12/2015

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease with which you’ll have to live daily and for the rest of your life. It may lead to reduced or severe physical inability, being your lifestyle and your family‘s affected accordingly.

Symptoms may be continuously present or be more pronounced in certain moments. Many times, you may have to plan with greater advance your activities and change some of your habits. The most important is the way you deal with the disease.


Physiotherapy and regular exercise are important for your fitness. Physiotherapy and activities such as swimming, yoga or cycling are helpful. Any exercise you enjoy and are capable of doing will be good for you. Exercise will help you maintain your muscle tone and is a great way of releasing tension and relaxing.


It is important to have a nutritionally balanced diet assuring your intake of all necessary vitamins and minerals.


Over time, Multiple Sclerosis may lead to different levels of physical and mental disability. It is important to evaluate your current occupation, consider retraining and eventually choosing an occupation that is sedentary and physically less demanding.

Multiple Sclerosis may affect the dynamics of a couple and limit our daily activities. A good communication is important to successfully deal with all the changes and to adapt to the new condition in each moment.

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