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Occupational Therapy at Casa de Saúde de Carnaxide

Dra. Maria Rodrigues (Occupational Therapist) . 27/10/2017

Occupational Therapy is a profession that is related to promoting health and wellbeing through occupation. It focuses on individuals with problems in their daily life, and the goal of the intervention is to diminish functional and psychological limitations and stimulate the performance of tasks by giving precedence to a greater degree of autonomy and independence to carry out their activities.

At Casa de Saúde de Carnaxide, access to the Occupational Therapy service is available on an Appointment basis, in a Day Care Regime and Inpatient Care.


Target population

At Casa de Saúde de Carnaxide, Occupational Therapy has a preventive and therapeutic nature, targeting the following psychopathological conditions:

  • Mood disorders (depression, etc.);

  • Anxiety disorders;

  • Eating disorders;

  • Psychotic disorders;

  • Addiction with or without substances (drugs, shopping, gambling, among others);

  • Dementia.


Intervention is planned based on a preliminary assessment and according to the needs and expectations of the patient and/or caregiver. The Occupational Therapist may intervene through specific methods and techniques such as:

  • Cognitive Stimulation Activities;

  • Creative and self-expression activities;

  • Movement sessions;

  • Sensory Stimulation Sessions;

  • Social skills training;

  • Games;

  • Therapeutic cooking;

  • Other...

This therapy involves rehabilitating the patient through active experiences to relearn real situations, actions and tasks that are compromised by the pathology, providing greater autonomy and quality of life.

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