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My family member has Alzheimer. Now what?

Dra. Sofia Neves (Psychologist) . 21/09/2017

When we are faced with a clinical diagnosis, the initial reaction is of shock and fear, followed by many doubts: How will this change our life? What is the best treatment? Could this happen to me? What are the principal measures?

Upon diagnosis, the medical specialist may prescribe medication that aims to delay aggravation of the symptoms. However, it is crucial that the treatment includes other strategies that complement pharmacotherapy, such as psychological support, cognitive stimulation, occupational therapy, psychomotor therapy and physiotherapy, among others.

This way, a multidisciplinary approach enables your family member to be better assisted, since it adjusts the intervention to the needs of each stage of the disease.

The Casa de Saúde de Carnaxidefeatures a multidisciplinary team that can provide you with a greater understanding of the therapies that are most suitable for your relative, enabling you to take care of them at home and delaying the need to place them in residential care.

Cognitive changes will impact on the performance of daily tasks. Therefore the goal of neurorehabilitation is to maintain function and autonomy of the person with dementia.

Implementation of the Neurorehabilitation Program Cuidar da Mente(Caring for the Mind) includes the following services:

- Neuropsychological Assessment;

- Psycho-educational sessions to explain the changes that the disease provokes in cognition, behaviour and emotions;

- Group/individual cognitive stimulation sessions for people with light to moderate dementia;

- Counselling on home adjustments;

- Group/individual Occupational Therapy sessions;

- Group/individual Psychomotor Therapy sessions;

- Attending therapies in a Day Care Regime;

- Residential Care Regime.

Schedule a visit to Casa de Saúde de Carnaxide and find out which is the best rehabilitation for your family member.

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