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Operation to the Catarats: What you need to know


Cataract surgery is a quick and effective surgical procedure. Find out what it consists of, what are the advantages and the precautions to be taken. A cataract is an opacification of the eye's natural lens. Find out what this problem is, what the causes and symptoms are, what happens during surgery and what to expect post-op.

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Tomosynthesis - 3D Mammography


At the Miraflores Clinic, Joaquim Chaves Saúde provides the Hologic Selenia Dimensions Mammography system, which enables Tomosynthesis in every mammogram.

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Living with aggressiveness in people with psychiatric disorders: challenges for the therapeutic relationship


Behavioural disorders represent 90% of all psychiatric disorders. These include behavioural changes that are closely associated with aggressive behaviour.

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Measles is a highly contagious viral disease

Dr. João Manuel Colaço . 20/03/2018

Infection is characterised by fever, discomfort, cough, runny nose and conjunctivitis, followed by a skin rash. After exposure, approximately 90 percent of susceptible individuals will develop measles. The disease can spread in public spaces, even without person to person contact.

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Grief Counselling


Grief is a normal reaction to loss. However, the death of a loved one often comes as a shock, even when it is expected. Each person reacts differently and there is no time limit for grieving.

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How important is Psychomotricity for the Brain with Dementia?

Mariana Silva . 07/12/2017

The body is the reflection of all transformations a person goes through in various situations in life. Therefore, due to alterations in the brain, dementia causes changes in a person’s psychomotor skills, and can generate the inability to express oneself and/or perform intentional movements.

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58th Anniversary of Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves

Dr. Carlos Cardoso . 04/12/2017

On November 30, Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves celebrated its 58th anniversary.

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Prevention is the best way

Dr. Pedro Macedo (Radiologist) . 31/10/2017

Due to its high incidence in females, breast cancer justifies that all necessary and possible measures be taken to diminish the mortality and morbidity rate associated with this disease.

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Occupational Therapy at Casa de Saúde de Carnaxide

Dra. Maria Rodrigues (Occupational Therapist) . 27/10/2017

Occupational Therapy is a profession that is related to promoting health and wellbeing through occupation. It focuses on individuals with problems in their daily life, and the goal of the intervention is to diminish functional and psychological limitations and stimulate the performance of tasks by giving precedence to a greater degree of autonomy and independence to carry out their activities.

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Diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in athletes

Dr. João M. Leitão (Cardiologist) . 29/09/2017

On World Heart Day, we emphasise that the Joaquim Chaves Saúde Clinics are at the forefront of diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, namely among athletes.

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My family member has Alzheimer. Now what?

Dra. Sofia Neves (Psychologist) . 21/09/2017

When we are faced with a clinical diagnosis, the initial reaction is of shock and fear, followed by many doubts: How will this change our life? What is the best treatment? Could this happen to me? What are the principal measures?

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The suicide phenomenon

Dr. Bruno Almeida de Brito (Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist) . 11/09/2017

Each year, around the world, 800.000 people end their lives by resorting to suicide. Contrary to popular belief, suicide is not a psychiatric illness. Of those who commit suicide, only a portion suffers from some type of mental disease.

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Pregnancy at Joaquim Chaves Saúde

Dr. João Manuel Colaço (Obstetrician - Gynaecologist) . 09/09/2017

Pregnancy is an important milestone in a woman’s reproductive life. Throughout history, beyond the physiological process of human reproduction, motherhood and pregnancy are seen as an event of great emotional and affective impact.

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How important is Cognitive stimulation for the Brain with Dementia?

Dra. Sofia Neves (Neuropsychologist) . 22/07/2017

In recent years, several research studies have tried to answer that question. As various studies continue, it is observed that the combination of a pharmacological approach with cognitive stimulation in people with dementia presents positive results in delaying the evolution of the disease and improving the quality of life of patients and their families.

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Respiratory Physiotherapy


What is Respiratory Physiotherapy (RPT)? It is a field of Physiotherapy that, based on a thorough evaluation, uses non-invasive strategies, means and assessment techniques to optimise oxygen transport, helping prevent, reverse or minimise respiratory disorders, thereby promoting maximum function and quality of life for the patient.

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Tomosynthesis - 3D Mammography


At the Miraflores Clinic, Joaquim Chaves Saúde provides the Hologic Selenia Dimensions Mammography system, which enables Tomosynthesis in every mammogram.

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Dr. João Colaço . 20/04/2017

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease. Infection is characterised by fever, discomfort, cough, runny nose and conjunctivitis, followed by a skin rash. After exposure, approximately 90 percent of susceptible individuals will develop measles. The disease can spread in public spaces, even without person to person contact.

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World Day of Physical Activity

Dr. Francisco Moreira (Sports Medicine) . 06/04/2017

Physical activity, generally defined as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure above resting levels”, is an essential tool to improve citizens’ health, physical condition and quality of life, promoting social interaction and integration, as well as contact with nature.

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Hepatitis A

Dr. Luís Lebre . 03/04/2017

Hepatitis A (HAV) is an RNA virus of the Picornaviridae family, which occurs endemically all over the world, but with greater incidence in developing countries where sanitation networks are more scarce.

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HOW DOES IT WORK? When a baby suckles, sensory impulses are carried from the nipple to the brain. As a response, the pituitary gland secretes prolactin and oxytocin, causing milk to be produced and collected in the alveoli, and flow through the ducts to the nipples.

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Respite Care

Sofia Neves (Clinical Psychologist / Neuropsychologist) . 10/03/2017

Portuguese society is becoming increasingly older and in need of care due to the prevalence of chronic disease.

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Pre-Natal Paediatric Appointment


In the Pre-Natal Paediatric appointment, future parents will be able to establish the first contact with the Paediatrician to clarify all doubts they may have concerning needs and behaviours in the baby’s first days of life.

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Psychomotricity in Mental Health

Mariana Silva (Psychomotor therapist) . 25/01/2017

The body is the reflection of all transformations a person goes through in contact with various situations in life. Through body mediation, psychomotricity enables the study, observation and evaluation of movement, posture and expression, since the body in motion expresses the person’s personality and reveals feelings and emotions.

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Seasonal Flu Pandemic

David Queimado Nogueira (General Practitioner / Family Doctor) . 11/01/2017

The flu attributed to the influenza virus is a disease that has been around for a long time. Estimated losses due to mutations of the viral structure are considerable when we think back to the extreme gravity of flu pandemics in the past.

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World No Smoaking Day

Margarida Cristovão (World No Smoking Day) . 16/11/2016

Nowadays, malign effects of smoking, either active or passive (involuntary exposure of a non-smoker to others’ tobacco smoke) are quite well documented and proven to affect several organs of our body.

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They are eaten warm and are really very good, even nutritionally!

Inês Machado . 13/11/2016

Besides being delicious, chestnuts are a fruit with high nutritional value and quite interesting biochemical characteristics and therefore should not be underestimated.

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World Stroke Day

Socorro Piñeiro . 29/10/2016

Strokes are the main cause of death and inability in Portugal. Early diagnosis is crucial to minimize brain damages. A stroke is defined as a sudden neurological defect caused by a problem in cerebral blood vessels.

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The role of Occupational Therapy in Dementia

Maria Rodrigues (Occupational Therapist) . 27/10/2016

“Occupational Therapy is based on the assumption that participation and occupation help structure daily life and promote health, functionality and wellbeing.” – (Townsend&Polatajko, 2007; Marques & Trigueiro, 2011)

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João David Miranda . 20/10/2016

Osteoporosis is a silent disease. It presents no symptoms until its most severe consequence happens, bone fracture.

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Climate is changing. And so are foods and agriculture.

Mónica Santos . 18/10/2016

World Food Day is promoted by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and celebrated all over the world. Each year there is a different theme and common goal: Promoting the existence of safe foods, in appropriate quantities for world population, reducing nutritional inequalities and imbalance, either by deficit or excess.

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Dementia: types and manifestations

Pedro Machado dos Santos (Rehabilitation Unit Coordinator at Carnaxide Mental Health Clinic) . 10/10/2016

The word dementia fits a group of conditions that affect the brain and cause a progressive decline in global mental functioning of the person, compromising memory, cogitation, behaviour and, consequently, performance in daily life and social activities.

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Hearing for a Better Living

Fernando Vilhena de Mendonça (Otolaryngologist) . 27/09/2016

Hearing is a crucial sense for survival, learning and social life in a community.

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Aging: Yes or No? Without being alarmed, learn to identify alert signs for Alzheimer Disease!

Sofia Neves (Clinical psychologist / Neuro-psychologist) . 21/09/2016

As years go by, we may start to feel that our brain is not functioning the same way as it used to, worsening its performance.

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What do we know about Lymphoma?

Joana Perestrelo Caldas . 16/09/2016

About half of all blood neoplasms registered every year are lymphomas, or cancers of the lymphatic system.

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José Marques (Physiotherapist) . 08/09/2016

Biofeedback allows users access to an important information about how their movement is being performed.

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Sex Life

João Manuel Colaço (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) . 05/09/2016

The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves. Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions. Woody Allen

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Sun Exposure

Raquel Santos (Dermatologist) . 22/08/2016

Knowing how to enjoy and live with the sun, especially during bathing season, is a concern that should be always and more present in the daily life of all Portuguese.

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Clinical Pilates for Pregnancy


The practice of Pilates during pregnancy lets you enjoy the benefits of exercise without any risks. Regular practice of exercise while pregnant gives you greater confidence and willingness for labourand makes it much easier to recover after it.

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Osteopathy at the service of babies


Does your baby cry for hours and hours, refuses to be in a certain position or presents an asymmetric head? Was your baby’s delivery complicated? Paediatrics Osteopathy is a precious help on solving many of new-borns common problems.

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World Cancer Day

Dr. Carlos Cardoso . 04/02/2016

Cancer is one of the main causes of death in the planet. Every year, about 8 million people are fallvictims of this high mortality and morbidity disease.

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Zika Virus: Dr. Joaquim Chaves Lab is equipped with lab diagnosis techniques

Carlos Cardoso . 02/02/2016

Zika is a virus from the Flaviviridae family, transmitted to humans through infected mosquito bites. The infection caused by this virus is known as the Zika virus fever.

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Check-Up: Start the New Year with a General Medical Examination


A medical check-up is an important tool for identifying, preventing and early diagnosing several diseases. It basically is a clinical evaluation, based on diagnosis exams specific for gender, age and health risks and customized for each patient.

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Are you getting enough sleep? Take sleep seriously!


A good night’s sleep may increase up to 3 times our ability to find new and creative solutions for our daily problems.

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A healthy approach to Christmas season

Inês Machado (Nutritionist) . 10/12/2015

Christmas and New Year season, celebrated between family and friends, surrounded by delicious dishes and desserts may compromise all your hard-earned weight loss results.

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Multiple Sclerosis: Living with the disease

Maria do Socorro Piñeiro (Neurologist) . 04/12/2015

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease with which you’ll have to live daily and for the rest of your life. It may lead to reduced or severe physical inability, being your lifestyle and your family‘s affected accordingly.

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Multiple Sclerosis: All you need to know about the disease

Maria do Socorro Piñeiro (Neurologist) . 03/12/2015

Multiple Sclerosis is the most common inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the second cause of neurological inability in adults and young people. Initially described in 1868, its causes are still unknown. The immune system in people suffering from this condition damages nervous fibres myelin (axon) further affecting the transmission of nervous impulses.

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Shockwave Therapy: a new technique

Inês Júlio (Physiotherapist) . 11/11/2015

Shockwave therapy is a treatment option for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, such as joints, capsules, muscle and bone problems.

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PrenatalDiagnosis: ChorionicVillusSampling

Mariana Torgal (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) . 06/11/2015

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) is an invasive prenatal diagnosis technique where a small sample of placenta tissue is collected (villus chorionic). This sample is then used to evaluate the foetus genetic material.

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Baby on the way: the first 3 months


You can already listen to the baby’s heartbeat, a breathless beat, two-times faster than the mother’s heartbeat. The bony skeleton begins to form. By the end of 12 weeks, the baby weighs about 14gr and is the size of a lemon. Constant and rapid changes occur in the first 3 months.

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Screening for Colon Cancer

Luís Lebre (Gastroenterologist) . 10/09/2015

Did you know that colon cancer, if early detected, is a preventable and curable disease? It is one of the most frequent tumours, affecting both men and women. In Portugal, it is responsible for the death of over 3000 persons per year.

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Do you know how important a Gynaecology appointment is?

João Colaço (Gynaecologist) . 10/09/2015

A woman’s health goes through different stages, from adolescence to menopause. In between there is reproductive age, with pregnancy and labour. Each stage has essential aspects and particularities that should be observed.

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What is Depression?

Manuel Guerreiro (Psychiatrist) . 10/09/2015

Depression is a mood disorder that has been present in humans throughout history. A series of evidence shows chemical alterations in the brain of a depressed person, especially affecting neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine). These substances are responsible for the transmission of nervous impulses between cells. Other processes are also affected in this condition.

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Prevention of Cardiovascular events – make a decision that can change your life

João Leitão (Cardiologist) . 07/04/2015

Cardiovascular diseases are currently responsible for about 1/3 of deaths across the world, in developed and developing countries. These numbers are going up since risk factors also keep increasing.

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