Thoracic Surgery

Patient receiving general anesthesia

Thoracic Surgery is the specialty dealing with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of chest diseases, including diseases of the lungs, diaphragm and chest wall, excluding the heart and great vessels. This specialty maintains close collaboration with several other medical fields, such as a Pneumology and General Surgery.

Thoracic Surgery has benefitted from significant scientific advances in recent decades. Now it is possible to treat various pathologies, like hyperhidrosis and chest wall deformities, effectively and comfortably. Using minimally invasive techniques, this specialty provides treatments that are more effective, less traumatic and less painful, enabling a rapid recovery.

At Clínica Cirúrgica de Carcavelos, we are equipped with the most advanced technological resources, and are strongly committed to minimally invasive surgical techniques to provide treatment that is effective, safe, fast and comfortable. Count on our team of experienced thoracic surgeons to help you.

Hyperhidrosis consultation

Sweaty palms

In our clinics we also offer the Hyperhidrosis consultation. Excessive sweating has a great psychological impact and can, in many cases, limit social relationships, interfering with many professional activities.

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