Patient receiving general anesthesia

Anaesthesiology is the medical specialty that allows for the safe management of pain and consciousness associated with diverse clinical procedures, such as surgeries, gastroenterology examinations, or other specialties.

Anaesthesiologists are specialist physicians responsible for the perioperative care of patients, namely:

- Pre-operative care, through Anaesthesia Consultation;

- Intra-operative care, by monitoring all the vital functions and meticulously dosing anaesthetic drugs, ensuring the homeostasis and comfort of patients throughout the surgical procedure;

- Post-operative care, ensuring adequate management of pain and vital functions after surgical procedures.

Anaesthesiologists have received ample formation in Emergency and Resuscitation, being able to intervene in emergency situations, and often integrating Intensive Care and prehospital and intrahospital Emergency units.

Another area of intervention of anaesthesiologists is the Chronic Pain Consultation where, through pharmacologic strategies or differentiated techniques, the physicians work on providing effective relief for chronic pain patients.

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde clinics, we count on a team of highly specialised anaesthesiologists, supported by state-of-the-art technology, to ensure safe and effective medical procedures.

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