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Anesthesology allows safe control of conscience levels, pain and discomfort related to medical acts such as surgeries or gastroenterology exams (endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.) or exams required by other specialties, for patients belonging to all age groups.

Joaquim Chaves Saúde (JCS) medical units are comprised of a team of differentiated anaesthesiologists who apply different sedation techniques (mild to deep) and choose the proper anaesthesia for each patient (children and adults) and each procedure.

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These anaesthesiologists are specialists who work in OR´s, Exams and Techniques Units (Radiology, Gastroenterology), Intensive Care, Chronic Pain Units, Medical Emergency and Resuscitation Teams.

These professionals master the techniques of sedation and anaesthesia and will advise you on the most appropriate technique for your specific procedure.

During and after the procedure, the anaesthesiologist watches the patient and monitors vital signs – state of conscience, cardiac, respiratory, metabolic, renal functions, pain intensity – through the use of devices (visual display units) and managing the necessary drugs to ensure the comfort of the patient (sedatives, painkillers, muscle relaxants, etc.).  



Anaesthetic Support for Exams Gastro

Anaesthetic support for exams

Anaesthesiology Appointment

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Centro Médico de Moscavide

Centro Oncológico Drª Natália Chaves

Clínica Cirúrgica de Carcavelos

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