Leonor Martins Santos

  • Speciality/Service

    Gynaecology and Obsterics

  • Key areas of expertise

    Vulvar and vaginal laser (Urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy and rejuvenation, recurrent vulvar fissures, painful perineal scars, lichen, treatment of vaginal laxity after childbirth)., Urogynecology (Pelvic floor, urinary incontinence), Laparascopy, Hysteroscopy

  • Languages


  • Professional Certificate


  • Services

    • Consulta Ginecologia

  • Health Units

  • Agreements and Protocols

    • Advancecare - Cimpor

    • Advancecare - Companhia Seguros Açoreana

    • Advancecare - Companhia Seguros Logo

  • Activity at Joaquim Chaves Saúde

  • Academic Background

  • Professional Carrer

Miraflores Clinic since 2007

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