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Joaquim Chaves Saúde website grants all users privacy and safety regarding provided data for all available services. All required and collected data is limited to the necessary information to provideeach service and always in accordance with our website’s explicit indications and user options.

Cookies Policy

JCS uses cookies to improve provided information and allow a quicker and more efficient navigation, avoiding the need to repeatedly insert the same information. Cookies are small fragments of text stored in your computer by our browser. Usually, they are used to facilitate navigation and save information in-between visits, regarding visitor options or preferences. Our cookies respect anonymity and will not be used to gather any personal information nor for advertising and marketing purposes.

Sometimes, in addition to content publishing, pictures or videos from other websites, such as Youtube or Flickr, may be included. By visiting these type of publications, new cookies may be created. JCS has no control over the creation of these cookies.

We also use cookies belonging to Google Analytics tool, which allows us to count number of visits to our website and understand how each visitor navigates through its different pages. This helps us improve our website’s operation, assuring, for instance, that our users easily find the information they are looking for.

JCS website includes share buttons that allow users to share articles across several social networks. Cookies options may be selected when using this type of functionalities. JCS has no control over the creation of these cookies.

Disable cookies

You may block cookies from being installed by changing the settings of your navigation. However, if you choose to block all cookies (including session cookies) you may not be able to access some parts of our website.

Internal security and privacy rules:

- Legal and loyal handling of data, collecting only necessary and relevant information according to intended purpose.

- Never using collected data for purposes incompatible with collection itself.

- Assure explicit consent of data holder whenever it is mandatory.

- Assure the right to erase (free of charge) all used data whenever required by holder.

- Enable security systems that prevent consultation, modification, destruction or addition of data by unauthorized person and that detect info deviation, whether intentional or not.

- Respect professional secrecy regarding handled data.

Collection and use of personal data

In general, our website may be visited without requiring any personal data. There are, however, some areas where the user is requested to provide personal data, in order to enjoy available services.

All JCS employees or dully authorized representatives are covered by a confidentiality agreement concerning all data accessed within the operation of our computer database, being fully informed of the importance of complying with these legal obligation for secrecy and being responsible for the enforcement of this confidentiality agreement.

All provided data will only be used for providing selected services and will not be added to a different database, forwarded to other entities or used for sending unrelated information.

Other services

Other services further arising and requiring the introduction of data, either personal or belonging to certain entities, are covered by our website’s previously mentioned privacy and security policy.


Our website contains links to other websites. JCS website is not responsible for privacy or publishing policies in these websites.

Updates in our privacy settings

Should we change our privacy settings, consequent information will always be available in this area.