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Innovative Laser Vaginal and Vulva Rejuvenation Treatment



Innovative Laser Vaginal and Vulva Rejuvenation Treatment

Vaginal atrophy has a negative impact on quality of life, and it is estimated that 40 to 60% of women are affected during menopause.

Complaints associated with this condition include vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity of the vaginal mucous membrane, itching, pain during intercourse, recurring urinary infections and occasional urinary incontinence. Atrophy is caused by oestrogen deficiency and is usually treated with oestrogen-based creams.

Aside from physiological aging, pregnancy and vaginal childbirth are factors that may also alter the vagina’s function and cause complaints of loose vagina, urinary incontinence and pain in the episiotomy scar.

This treatment is also suitable for women with a history of breast cancer where hormone use is unadvised.

By stimulating collagen production, laser has the capacity to restore vaginal elasticity, thickness and lubrication, re-establishing its function.

This treatment is painless and does not require anaesthetic. It merely provokes a slightly warm sensation and allows clients to return to their daily lives immediately. 2 to 3 sessions are necessary, with a 6-week interval for maximum effect.

Suitable for all women of any age:

Vaginal atrophy;

Vaginal rejuvenation and to treat sagging (post-partum);

Following gynaecological cancer treatment (breast and endometrium);

Slight urinary incontinence. 

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