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Erbium Laser – New treatment for stretch marks available at Clínica de Miraflores



Erbium Laser – New treatment for stretch marks available at Clínica de Miraflores

Clínica de Miraflores now provides a new service in Dermatology – Erbium Laser to treat stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are lesions that occur on the skin and may appear when the body is subjected to sudden change (weight and volume variation, fluid retention, pregnancy…). 

These lesions can affect men and women of all ages and are not a health problem, however they can cause great aesthetic and emotional concern. 

What does the treatment involve? 

A photon laser is used in two stages of the same session: 

  • Smooth Mode – generates a deep heat deposit in the skin’s layers, causing the tissue to contract immediately, increasing the skin’s firmness. In addition, the heat damage caused stimulates the regeneration and creation of new collagen, improving the appearance of recent and older stretch marks. 

  • Erbium SP Mode – allows a superficial ablation of the tissue, improving more superficial imperfections on the skin.

How many sessions are necessary? 

Between 3 and 6 sessions are necessary, at monthly intervals. This number may vary from person to person, depending on the age of the stretch marks and characteristics of the patient’s skin.

Slight discomfort may be felt during treatment, however it is usually well tolerated. An anaesthetic cream may be applied before the treatment to minimise discomfort. 

Precautions to take after the sessions: 

After the sessions, redness, swelling or sensitivity is likely to appear in the treated areas. Following the session, sun exposure should be avoided for 1 month.

Contact us for more information on this treatment! 

See you soon!

Dr. Andréa Martins, Dermatologist at Clínica de Miraflores

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