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Appointments and Specialities

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde (JCS) medical clinics you will find Speech and Language Therapists. This area is responsible for prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of human communication. It includes all processes related to understanding and producing spoken and written language, as well as all appropriate forms on non-verbal communication.

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These therapists are responsible for treating Communication Disorders and conditions related with hearing, visual and cognitive (learning included), oral-motor, breathing, swallowing and voice functions. Speech and Language Therapy covers all age groups and involves therapy, rehabilitation and reintegration in social and professional environment, as well as early intervention, orientation and counselling.

Intervention areas:

Language / Speaking, Verbal Articulation, Voice, Swallowing/Chewing, Orofacial Motivity, Verbal Fluency, Reading/Writing.

Collaborating Clinical Specialties:

Most communication disorders are caused by pathologies that require the intervention of multidisciplinary teams, comprising paediatricians, child and adolescent psychiatrists, development paediatricians, otorhinolaringologists, neurologists, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and teachers.


Besides Hearing and Visual Screening, JCS also promotes a linguistic (Language and Talking) screening, by applying a series of tests appropriate for the Portuguese population that provide information, quantitative and qualitative, according to the language level of a pre-school child.



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