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At Joaquim Chaves medical units you can access the Nuclear Medicine specialty, dedicated to research, diagnosis and treatment recurring to radioisotopes as open radioactive sources.

This medical specialty uses nuclear energy for medical ends. It recurs to well-known substances in physics, radioactive isotopes, which transmit radiation later absorbed by cells. This radiation is detected outside the body with the help of special equipment, such as the PET/CT scan. 

Nuclear Medicine is a safe and efficient method, usually painless and non-invasive, which helps to obtain information otherwise impossible to access. Through the use of a set of high sensitivity procedures, it allows early detection of changes in the structure and function of organs under review.

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Besides its use for diagnosis, this method also allows evaluation of relapse, accompaniment of evolution, remission or progression of certain pathologies, such as tumours, and heart, oncologic, endocrine, traumatology, kidney and pulmonary conditions. 

As a method of treatment, Nuclear Medicine is a safe, efficient and low cost mean to treat certain benign and malignant conditions curable with radiation. Radioisotopes treatments performed by Nuclear Medicine are also alternative methods when the patient’s condition is not suitable for surgery or other ways of treatment.

In these treatments, very small doses are used and almost exclusively directed to targeted cells and tissues, with the great advantage of reducing radiation exposure to a minimum with correspondently reduced side effects. Radioisotope radiation is also useful in relieving pain caused by metastasis, when other methods are inefficient.

Nuclear Medicine techniques are used in articulation with other medical and surgical specialties, such as: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, amongst others.

Available Nuclear Medicine exams at JCS units:

  • PET/CT (Positron emission tomography) with FDG , F- Choline and Gallium 68

  • Cardiac perfusion scintigraphy

  • Bone scintigraphy

  • Renograms (simple, diuretic, with Captopril)

  • Isotope cystography (direct and indirect)

  • Renal, pulmonary (ventilation and infusion), thyroid and parathyroidscintigraphy

  • Somatostatin Receptors (Octreoscan)

  • MIBG Scan (whole body and heart)

  • Scintigraphy with Gallium 67 (whole body, partial, prostheses)

  • Screening for sentinel lymph node (breast, melanoma)

  • Brain scan (DaTSCAN -  Ioflupane, Infusion, BZM –Iolopride)

  • SPECT-CT Scan


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