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Joaquim Chaves Saúde journey has always been about getting close to people. Ever since 1959, our founder masterminded and implemented a company really and truthfully dedicated to health care providing. In this group, we have always worked with and for people. And by people we mean everyone, from health professionals to service searchers or providers, to business partners and especially to our clients and patients.

For over 5 decades, this company has always been guided by the search for quality. In all the teams that we have been putting together and giving proper training, in built or acquired and adapted facilities, in technological investments, in finding modern solutions for information systems(fundamental tools for production structures and management teams). As naturally as it comes, development happens at different speeds in different areas. Thanks to the feedback we receive on a daily basis from our clients and partners, as well as other contributors, we have been developing a series of virtual proximity tools, compelling in current days. We believe these tools will bring us even closer to our community and that remains, ultimately, our goal.

Therefore, after over a year of study and research, we have developed this new JCS Website, simultaneously to our app for tablets and smartphones. These website and tools were built for you, considering that they are essential to any modern company who aims for a close relationship with clients and partners.

Based on a new design and service dynamics, these new interactive tools will grant you access to booking, process follow-up, a search tool for useful information concerning our services, along with a real journey across JCS group’s different companies.

We sincerely hope to meet your desired expectations and that these platforms may literally be an extension of the good services that have long been our trademark.

Thank you for your visit.

José Chaves,

President of the Executive Board

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