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From the very beginning, Joaquim Chaves has been a synonym of a quality concern towards the services we offer our clients.

During the 90’s, we launched the base of Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves quality management system. This process was concluded in 2001 with the accreditation of our lab’s main competencies.

The following years cemented our technical performance and other areas gained accreditation. In 2006, Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves had already achieved accreditation for 700 techniques covering over 90% of its lab services. Simultaneously, we also invested in Internal Control and External Quality Control Programs with analytical results always highlighting the quality of our services.

In 2007, understanding the importance of the interface with our clients, we strategically chose anISO 9001 quality management certification. We engaged on a strong commitment on monitoring critical functions with quality indicators. At the same time, we maintained our accordance with ISO 17025 as a certified lab.

Nowadays, ISO 9001 is a standard for most of Joaquim Chaves Saúde units. All our accredited units are subject to annual external audits: Clinical Analysis and Pathological Anatomy Labs, Outpatient and Radiotherapy & Oncology Clinics.

Our Quality Planning complies with over a 100 audits each year.

Our Quality Policy, from the moment it was implemented, stands for fundamental guidelines, such as emphasising the service provided to patients, monitoring critical functions, investing on training and qualification of our teams, partnerships, preventive organization and resource optimization. All these guidelines are part of an unavoidable path of Good Practices and Legal Compliance.

Quality Policy

Joaquim Chaves Saúde Quality Policy:

1.Focus on Client All our collaborators’ efforts shall be focused on the service provided to clients, aiming to reach or surpass their expectations.

2.Monitoring Critical functions shall be correctly and objectively monitored so that consistent and continuous improvement is achieved.

3.Training All our collaborators shall be appropriately trained and qualified so to play an active role in the update of our Quality System.

4.Partnership Partnership relations shall be promoted with Institutional Clients and Suppliers, given their importance to service success.

5.Prevention Our activity shall always be preventive and meet applicable requirements, considering its implications in the Environment and Society in general.

6.Optimization Management shall combine Good Practice with Profit Optimization to the satisfaction of shareholders.

And, particularly considering our Labs:

7.Internal Quality Control (IQC) + External Quality Assessment(EQA) Laboratories shall run IQC and EQA programs so that, in real time, a correct monitoring and evaluation of analytical performance is assured.

Issue date: 2016.06.09

Our Quality Policy is determined and approved by Joaquim Chaves Saúde Administration Board and is subject to annual re-evaluation. This page will be updated should there be any changes in this content.