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Pathologic Anatomy specializes in the morphological analysis of organs, tissues and cells, aiming to diagnose lesions. This diagnosis influences treatment and prognosis of diseases, as well as their prevention, while also providing decisive data for a quality health care provision. This area interrelates different health professionals.

Our anatomic pathologists and technicians evaluate, according to a strict process, diagnosis and prognosis of human pathologies, being Histopathology (biopsies, surgical specimens and preoperative tests) and Cytopathology (exfoliative and aspiration) the main intervention areas.We provide a wide option of consulting and diagnosis services, from molecular diagnosis to surgical pathology.

Areas of specialization:

  • Conventional and liquid-based cervicovaginal cytology;

  • Aspiration cytology (breast, thyroid, ganglion and other superficial organs/soft tissue masses);

  • Biopsy histology;

  • Surgical specimens and extemporaneous examination histology;

  • Immunohistochemistry (characterization of lymphomas, hormone receptors, HER2, amongst others);

  • Complementary techniques for cytogenetics and molecular biology (namely CISH/FISH, pioneers in the Cintec technique for the areas of histology and cytology).

Our lab is part of a variety of external evaluation quality programs, which range from lab technical area to diagnosis and assure diagnostic accuracy and high quality standards.

Simultaneously, Joaquim Chaves Saúde Pathologic Anatomy Lab is committed to training human resources, promoting continuing education. Ultimately, this enables the implementation of working practices which will increase quality of provided services and the improvement and development of personal skills.