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We promote a strict and demanding management of our talents and know-how of our collaborators, so that we can assure the fulfilment and sustainability of our Mission, our Culture, our Vision and our Goal: provide a quality service in the area of health care. It is mandatory that sharing and commitment to these values, principles and operation modes are practiced by all our collaborators.

For this purpose, Joaquim Chaves Saúde Human Resources Policy is based on main principles:

a) Performance Standards and Procedures: along with a technical competency of excellence, a careful and coherent image should be respected by all employees. Punctuality, assiduity and accuracy in the exercise of professional activity are essential.

b) Quality Standards: All professional activity must be performed in accordance with high standards of quality, ethics, technical and professional accuracy, that effectively assure a quality and excellence performance, either towards internal clients or users of our services.

c) Interpersonal relations: All interpersonal relations, between employees and with users must be guided by mutual respect, cordiality and excellence. Politeness, courtesy and respect should be observed in daily relations with co-workers, clients and suppliers.

d) Conduct and customer orientation: Clients are our target. Serving them is our goal and satisfying their needs our priority.

e) Independence: All activities are guided by the principles of good practices and with total independence from external factors or influences, avoiding possible conflicts of interest.

f) Search and Development of Skills and Know-How: We promote a constant search for knowledge, better practices and techniques, better professionals. All for the sake of providing a service of excellence.

g) Talent Retention and Career Management: We identify and hold on to our talents with potential for development and growth in order to assure the sustainability of our mission, our values, our culture and our goals. We value performances lined up with Group strategies, aiming to maintain and materialize our goals.