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Approved Healthcare Network



Approved Healthcare Network

The Rede Convencionada de Saúde (Approved Healthcare Network) is comprised of a set of private healthcare service providers with more than 3.000 assistance points, which includes Joaquim Chaves Saúde. The network was built over more than 30 years (since the beginning of the SNS-National Healthcare Service), exclusively through private investment, currently employing more than 40.000 people.

The SNS-approved private Sector is a local network that places most of the Portuguese population within a distance of less than thirty minutes from complementary diagnostic and therapeutic resources. The Sector produces approximately 330 thousand actions for the SNS every day (more than 100 million actions per year) and responds to 60.000 medical requisitions each day (18 million requisitions per year), which represents more than 90% of the total SNS outpatient production.

Complete information on the Rede Convencionada de Saúde (Approved Healthcare Network) at 

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