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Launch of the 7th ANL Scientific Conference in the words of Dr. Carlos Cardoso



Launch of the 7th ANL Scientific Conference in the words of Dr. Carlos Cardoso

Boasting a history of scientific innovation, medical teaching, collaborative spirit, openness, freedom and information sharing, Porto was the right choice to carry out the seventh event hosted by the Associação Nacional dos Laboratórios Clínicos (ANL-National Association of Clinical Laboratories). The birthplace or place of study of names like Ricardo Jorge, Júlio de Matos, Abel Salazar and Óscar Moreno, prominent figures in Portuguese medicine who are a constant source of inspiration and pride for all colleagues who exercise their professional activity in the field of healthcare. It is in this atmosphere of sharing the past that we will project the future, in a city that is ancient, ever loyal and extremely noble.

The scientific program presents the best educational sessions, with speakers who are renowned professionals and professors in the field of laboratory medicine. The plenary sessions will address current and relevant topics associated with various laboratory fields, both on an analytical and technological plane, also including the validation of results, their semiologic interpretation, as well as control and quality assessment. The importance of complementing these with the Clinical aspect will be a constant concern and the focus on the patient will be an unquestionable presence. Practical courses in specific areas will be given to provide unique opportunities to share knowledge in particular laboratory fields that are constantly evolving.

As usual, scientific production in the laboratory field concerning Portuguese laboratories will have special emphasis, with awards for the best presentation panels. This year, for the first time, the program will include dedicated spaces for oral presentations, enabling the dissemination of important works developed by young professionals and researchers. The best and most original presentations will also be awarded.

As in previous years, along with the scientific sessions, an important program will take place concurrently to reflect on the importance and role of the laboratory in society, its contribution to sustain the healthcare system and best practises on various levels: management, computerisation, legislation, advertising, data protection and environmental protection. Guests will include political decision-makers, opinion leaders, managers of relevant healthcare institutions, university professors from various fields, all with direct or indirect influence on medical laboratories.

During the Conference, we will present the preliminary results of an innovative and unprecedented study on the cost of Clinical Analysis in various hospitals, clinics and local healthcare units. This was the result of a vast effort and remarkable teamwork between ACSS, ANL and the consultancy Roland Berger.

As always, the ANL counts on the presence and invaluable collaboration of our suppliers in the laboratory field. These extremely important partners are currently the pillars of continuous training andguarantee the constant evolution, innovation and quality of clinical analysis. The 7th ANL Conference is proud to have one of the largest exhibition areas for the in vitro diagnostics industry, which comes together in similar events in Portugal, here in its seventh edition. The ANL is extremely grateful to everyone.

I am very excited to welcome colleagues and friends from all over the country to our biennial meeting. Thus, the ANL proceeds according to one of its commitments to partners and society in general to drive the standards of knowledge and responsible intervention in the field of clinical analysis. This type of conference is impossible without the help and contribution of all our colleagues. Whether they are from clinical pathology or medical laboratories, from genetic or anatomical pathology, public or private, in public health or research. Their presence ensures unique opportunities for learning, networking, scientific and cultural interaction, as well as to celebrate innovation and healthy debate. If together we can overcome obstacles, propose breakthroughs and address reforms, from a revolutionary and free approach, for the complex challenges in healthcare from a welfare, social, economic, environmental and technological perspective, then the mission of the Scientific Commission of the 7th ANL Conference will be successfully accomplished. Therefore, the attendance of all those who embrace laboratory medicine and clinical analysis daily with reinforced love and dedication, is fundamental. I am counting on all of you, motivated and inspired, in Porto on 25 and 26 May.

Dr. Carlos Cardoso -Chairman of the Scientific Commission of the Associação Nacional dos Laboratórios Clínicos(National Association of Clinical Laboratories)

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