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The future of Breast Cancer research



The future of Breast Cancer research

The fight against breast cancer has different battlefronts. From diagnosis to treatment, the involvement of each specialist and the evolution of techniques associated to various medical and scientific areas are essential to the treatment of these patients.

Last January 23rd, 140 health professionals (from private practices and public and private hospitals) gathered at Lagoas Park Hotel. Joaquim Chaves Saúde was responsible for this meeting, dedicated to breast cancer. Its goal was to discuss the matter, sharing latest techniques for diagnosis and therapy, always looking ahead to a bright future.

Centro de Congressos Lagoas Park Hotel

Comissão Organizadora: Dr. Pedro Macedo, Dra. Raquel Chaves e Dr. Luís Lebre

This event was organized by Dr. Pedro Macedo, Imaging Specialist, Dra. Raquel Chaves,Director of JCS Medical Clinics, and Dr. Luís Lebre, Clinical Director of JCS Medical Clinics.

Nine specialists, from areas like Pathological Anatomy, Imaging, Medical Oncology and Surgery, presented the most recent developments in their areas of expertise. 

Special emphasis was given to a new technique – tomosynthesis–that introduces substantial improvement on imaging diagnosis of breast cancer. It allows highly detailed images with great advantages to patients – reduced radiation and breast compression.

Dra. Paloma Quevedo, from HM college hospital, at Madrid, was also part of this meeting, where she demonstrated the efficiency of tomosynthesis, by presenting various study-cases. The relation between pregnancy and breast cancer (possible or impossible?), presented by Dra. Catarina Gama Pinto, was a subject that also raised a lot of interest. For access to the complete programme please go to

Every year, breast cancer diagnosis becomes a reality for around 6000 women and that is why Joaquim Chaves Saúde will always be involved in state of the art discussion and ways for the future on this matter, all for the sake of our patients.

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