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Joaquim Chaves Saúde and Grupo Madre Partnership: medicinal cannabis



Joaquim Chaves Saúde and Grupo Madre Partnership: medicinal cannabis

Last December, the United Nations recognised the medicinal properties of cannabis, thereby officially establishing the medical usefulness of this plant. At a time when the Portuguese Parliament is discussing the legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes, Joaquim Chaves Saúde (JCS) is sharing its experience with Grupo MADRE, in a partnership that aims to launch, in Portugal and abroad, a network of clinics with various therapies and products based on medicinal cannabis.


The first step was taken by forming a partnership, taking JCS on a joint journey with Grupo MADRE, through Agrivabe and authorisation from INFARMED, to currently produce medicinal cannabis. Very soon, products with specific characteristics will be developed, suitable for various therapeutic applications within the scope of the clinical activity developed by JCS.


Further stages will follow, always fulfilling the technical and scientific international best practices, and with the most stringent legal rigour.

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