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Excellence performance for Laboratório Joaquim Chaves Sample Collection



Excellence performance for Laboratório Joaquim Chaves Sample Collection

Joaquim Chaves Lab stood out for its quality and even overcame other international labs.

Last December, an independent audit performed by BD Laboratoy Consulting Services, Preanalytical Q.C, a division of BD Diagnostics, focused on the Pre-Analysis stage at Miraflores and 5 other Sample Collection sites, randomly selected.

These sites got a higher score than many audited labs in the same conditions in other countries, clearly showing excellence in performance in the area of Sample Collection.

This auditing revealed a 100% accordance with all evaluated items covering over 60 sample collection steps thoroughly scrutinized by the auditors.

Several relevant aspects were covered by the auditing process:

  • Storage conditions of material

  • Expiration date

  • User ID

  • Sample ID

  • Sample tagging

  • Use of disposable gloves

  • Disinfection of puncture-site

  • Tourniquet duration and application

  • Tube shaking after sample collection

  • Order of draw for tube collection (in vacuum)

  • Use of safety devices in sample collection systems

  • Correct activation of safety device

  • Compliance of required storage time and transport conditions up until analytical phase

  • Serum samples centrifugation and coagulation conditions

  • Collected sample volume in each tube

  • Checking fibrin clot and platelet aggregates absence

  • Lack of sample repetition need due to oblivion, inappropriate collection, haemolysed and/or clotted sample

BD’s auditing team concluded that the biological sample collection process fully complies with all international norms and guidelines. 

The entire process was recognized as absolutely safe for the user and assuring the highest traceability pattern and sample quality.

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