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Largest Testing Portfolio in Portugal



Largest Testing Portfolio in Portugal

Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves is a leader in the healthcare sector in Portugal, as well as a 100% Portuguese and family Laboratory with almost 6 decades of history. Since being established in 1959, our mission has been to provide rapid and high quality analytical results for patient diagnosis, upholding the values of ethics, innovation and excellence.

Throughout our history, we have always accompanied the technological evolution of this sector, consistently remaining on the technical forefront. This has enabled us to provide a vast portfolio of tests, the largest in the country to date, leading us to be outsourced across the country, including the islands, by most hospital and private laboratories.

Laboratório Dr. Joaquim Chaves participates in external quality assessment programs for all testing that involves interlaboratory trials.

We are registered in national (INSA) and international programs: NEQAS, EQAS, Labquality, AEFA, AEHH, Instand EQAS, NRL, etc., with an annual track record of approximately 10000 interlaboratory comparison results that prove the excellence of our results.

This entire process is upheld by a modern and current management system that is part of the ISO9001:2015 Laboratory Certification.

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