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Appointments and Specialities

Psychology is responsible for the approach to mental illnesses and behaviour, cognitive and emotional disorders, in a diagnosis and treatment perspective, concerning all age groups.

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde (JCS) medical units, an experienced team of psychologists covers a differentiated approach in distinguished areas such as child, adult and elderly mental health (this last one is known as psychogerontology), emotional disorders, abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances and learning problems.

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At JCS units the following services are available:

  • Psychological evaluation

  • Outpatient consultation

  • Anxiety, Stress and Trauma consultation

  • Paediatric Psychology consultation

  • Psychogerontology consultation

  • Inpatient Psychiatric Consultation

Psychological evaluation: allows a detailed, objective and reliable analysis of the individual’s psychological reality.

This evaluation includes goals such as the study of intellectual and cognitive capacities (attention, memory, language, time, space and self-orientation, etc.) and clarifying problems concerning personality and psychopathology.

Outpatient consultation: counselling and psychotherapeutic monitoring aiming treatment or compensation of behaviours, feelings, emotions or attitudes that, due to certain events or the simple context of living, become difficult to bear.

The team of psychologists works based on approaches, techniques and methods directed to each individual and always in an integrated perspective (covering, for instance, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy and Psychomotor consultations as part of the treatment plan).

Anxiety, Stress and Trauma consultation: anxiety and stress situations are the ones most dependent of external factors. Psychological trauma is the true expression of this statement. After a landmark event, perceived with terror and felt as threatening, for the patient or others, some symptoms may start to develop. These symptoms may oscillate between slight discomfort to total incapacity to deal with himself/herself or society. Therefore, in the sequence of traffic or work accidents, violent assaults, homicide, disasters, war, attacks, the human being may be in  psychological shock and his/hers capacity to rest, sleep, pay attention, eat and live daily life may be affected.

Despite being considered regular symptoms after the kind of above mentioned events, psychological intervention helps reduce discomfort and associated stress. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is present when psychological consequences of an event keep persisting (more than a month). In some cases, there is a delayed start of symptoms (days or even months after the event). In this cases, psychological and psychiatric monitoring is essential.

Psychological techniques used in trauma consultations are oriented for this issues. The priority is to manage symptoms, contributing for the progressive increase of the patient’s wellbeing. Trauma consultation is suitable for all ages. Work with children is in accordance with their development stages and their way of experiencing traumatic events.

The separation of parents, starting school, a medical appointment and conflicts with colleagues are also situations that, if not fully understood by a child may become traumatic and should be followed with close attention by teachers, parents and professionals.

Psychogerontology consultation: destined to adults and elderly for evaluation and psychological monitoring. These appointments are particularly important in the following situations:

  • Memory problems

  • Neuropsychiatric disorders (Alzheimer and other dementias, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Depression, Bipolar disorder, etc.)

  • Chronic diseases (cancer, degenerative, incapacitating and others)

  • Adaptation to the challenges of aging

  • Support for family members and caretakers

These appointments focus on neuropsychological and functional aspects of aging (integrating biological, psychological and social dimensions). The main goal is to promote mental health, wellbeing and the quality of daily life, as well as autonomy and independence, in the different contexts of life.

Psychogerontology intervention is based on relational support in a context of psychotherapy and counselling.Its goal is prevention, care, treatment and the promotion of health for the elderly.



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