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Radiology units of Joaquim Chaves Saúde are, from the beginning, an avant-garde exponent, either because of the technological means or the quality of its professionals.

The group’s first Imaging unit, located in Miraflores, soon became a reference in national Radiology and a synonym of the highest quality related to image-capturing methods.

Further developments of other units reflected the same philosophy and the complementarity of all different units is a cornerstone of the success of our activity.

We are equipped with all techniques currently used for diagnostic Radiology:

  • Classic Radiology

  • Bone densitometry

  • Mammography

  • Computerized Tomography (CT or CAT scan)

  • Ultrasound

  • Magnetic Resonance Radiology (MRI)

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Classic Radiology

Also referred to as conventional radiology, it uses X-radiation (X-rays) and equipment with direct digital technology, granting a unique quality with a lower dose of radiation for patients. It is used in the chest, abdomen and in the radiological study of the skeleton (bones). In countless situations, nowadays it still is the first diagnosis technique to perform. 

Bone densitometry

This technique uses X-radiation in very low doses and allowing the diagnosis of osteoporosis, with great acuity.


This technique uses X-radiation in very low doses. The capturing of images with direct digital equipment grants a much higher acuity. Apart from this technique, in the Miraflores unit there is also available a complimentary one, named tomosynthesis. The tomography is yet more efficient in differential diagnosis for the different types of breast lesions.

Computerized Tomography (CT or CAT scan)

Uses X-radiation. Computerized Tomography, usually referred to as CAT scan has undergone constant technological advances. At the Miraflores unit, JCS has top-end equipment, the most updated on a global level, with 128 rows of detectors and presenting high quality images, unbeatable when it comes to speed and reduced levels of radiation. It has great advantages, especially when dealing with uncooperative patients (such as the elderly, children or uncooperative patients due to other causes) or when the intended object of analysis has continuous movements (the heart and great vessels) and when repeated studies are needed for periodic follow-up (the monitoring of oncological pathology, for instance).


This is an innocuous examination which recurs to ultrasounds and doesn’t involve any kind of harmful radiation. It is used in a wide variety of pathologies and anatomic structures, with the exception of calcium (bone) and air (lungs and hollow viscera) structures.

Magnetic Resonance Radiology (MRI)

MRI uses no X or other type of harmful radiation. Images are captured from the reaction of the human body structures to a magnetic field. There are a few contraindications to this technique, mainly related with the presence, in some patients of substances that may react to contact with the electromagnetic field (metal prosthesis, etc.).



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