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With over 50 years of existence, today Joaquim ChavesSaúde has a reinforced position and recognized importance in the area of medicine in Portugal.

Joaquim ChavesSaúde (JCS) is a Portuguese group operating exclusively in the health sector, since 1959. It has been playing an important role in the progress of medicine, with competency and high quality standards, providing health care for general population, through a path of accuracy and quality.

Since the creation of Dr. Joaquim Chaves Clinical Analysis Lab, the first company of the group, JCS has steadily expanded in the health sector by successively opening modern units in Continental Portugal, Madeira and Azores. Special emphasis has always been given to Lab areas – Clinical Analysis, Medical Clinics, Oncological Treatment and Mental Health.

The excellence of our health professionals, the wide clinical and technical intervention area and our sophisticated means for diagnosis and therapy, all together in modern facilities, make JCS one of the leading actors when it comes to health care providing in Portugal. In 2014, JCS started its global expansion.

Mission and Commitment

The word “medicine”, from latinmederi, means “to cure”, “to treat”, “to know the best path”. This is the meaning we give to our energy and competencies. Backed up by a highly qualified and professional team, Joaquim ChavesSaúde delivers a great variety of services in the areas of diagnosis and therapy, always aiming a customized care for each patient.

Our motivation – and our commitment – is to grant all those seeking our services access to the best solutions currently available in health matters. This is possible because we join together great competency and human specialization, supported by the most advanced techniques.


As defined by World Health Organization, “health” is not only the absence of disease but also physical, mental and social wellbeing. Health is a cumulative condition that should be promoted every day, throughout life.

The paradigm of modern medical service isn’t just about regular appointments. A close and permanent follow-up on patients should be a top priority for health care providers, respecting and strengthening the principles of a trusting relationship.

JCS vision goes much deeper than simply being available. It is about always being there for our patients!


Currently, Joaquim Chaves Saúde provides different services and health cares at Dr. Joaquim Chaves Labs, Medical Clinics, Radiotherapy & Oncology Clinics and Carnaxide Mental Health Clinic.

We have specialized in essential areas, such as clinical analysis, imaging diagnosis, oncological treatments and psychiatric care. We guarantee a differentiated and quality intervention, ever closer and humane, covering different areas of modern medicine.

At Joaquim Chaves Saúde, our patients are “at home”. Paying attention and satisfying their needs is our top priority. We encourage a family atmosphere, where all can breathe health. That is why respect for the environment is transverse to all our activity.

As health professionals, we take care of everything that relates to life. Constantly trying to improve living is how we add value to our community and to our shareholders.